Top 5 winter fashion essentials

Top 5 winter fashion essentials


top 5 winter essentials

Every year winter arrives and catches us all by surprise as if we never expected it to happen. As the nights get longer and days get shorter, you don’t want to be caught off guard without your winter essentials. Kwaai Boutique is offering a winter sale on selected items including warm tracksuits, furry house slippers, polo necks, and many more items. Since we are guaranteed to be staying at home throughout the season, here are some of the recommended essential items from our store:


1. Cotton Polo neck

The comfy and light cotton polo neck is a staple in your winter wardrobe that will never go out of style. The polo neck has a long history of being worn for comfort but also for a bold sense of style. It’s a completely versatile winter item that you can pair with jeans, a tracksuit, formal pants, skirt, jacket, and the list goes on.


2. Furry slippers

One of the items we love this season is our selection of furry slippers. Whether you enjoy a sandal or a boot, Kwaai Boutique has you covered this winter. Since lockdown has made most of us stay and work from home, the furry slippers are an essential companion for your loungewear. The assortment of colors guarantee that you can wear it with absolutely anything. And if you must leave the house, they’re also comfy and stylish enough to wear in public.


3. Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket is a staple for any fashionista out there. Our selection of teal and silver puffer jackets will ensure that you look updated with the latest runway trends and still stay warm. Our metallic silver jacket is also reversible for those days when you want to remain incognito.


4. Winter Tracksuit

For comfort and style at home or when running errands, we recommend the assortment of winter tracksuits we have available. A tracksuit is the perfect way to stay warm, look fashionable, and layer up or down depending on the occasion. We have a selection of tracksuits made with comfortable fabrics like cotton and velvet.


5. Colourful face masks

Face masks have become our new normal but in many countries around Asia, people have been wearing masks for decades. Our selection of cotton triple layer masks are a great mix of function and fashion. Pair your mask with your favourite outfit when you head out into the world. Being safe and social distancing does not mean you don’t have to be stylish.


Remember to stay safe and stay as home as much as possible until South Africa reaches its Covid19 peak. In the meantime, let us deliver your winter essentials right to your doorstep when you shop at Kwaai Boutique.

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