Custom Mr Allofit Collection

Custom Mr Allofit has been the go-to fashion brand for celebrities all over South Africa. With bold designs, colours and an array of style, Kwaai Boutique is excited to be collaborating on this capsule collection with superstar of the century Mr Allofit. Throughout the next weeks, we will be dropping different jumpsuits and fashion items from our collection.

KB Hallokween Fantastical Wigs

Kwaai Boutique Hair offers the best wigs, hair extensions and hair accessories for any occasion. Our latest collection, the "Hallokween Fantastical" features a range of beautiful, high quality synthetic lace front wigs.

Catch a glimpse of our Halloween Fantastical Collection

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About us

Kwaai - South African slang for cool, fierce, ferocious, bold and unapolagetic.

Clothes don't have a gender so we offer customers the experience of premium, original, affordable and trendy fashion regardless of their gender, size or body type. In our bid to contribute to a greener earth, our store specialises in made-to-order streetwear, athleisure, loungewear, resort wear, accessories, gadgets, home wear.  This means all the items you order will be made as soon as our manufacturers receive your order. All of this is delivered right to your door-step from a click on your device.  

We offer different colours, sizes and payment options. Some of our items have shipping included but please double check at checkout.

Kwaai Boutique is a registered company in South Africa, under Future Kwaai Records PTY (LTD) 2020 / 257586 / 07.

Kwaai Boutique has gone international. Our products are available to purchase in over 130 countries around the world.