10 tips for shopping online

10 tips for shopping online


Many people worldwide have had to adapt to the “new normal” as Covid19 took the world by storm. Ten years ago, the majority of South Africans did not have access to the internet and the trust in online shopping was low. These days times have changed and there has been a steady growth in online sales year to year. By 2023, it is estimated that total retail sales will hit more than $6.5 trillion worldwide, on which more than one in every five dollars spent (22 percent) will be carried out online.


Online shopping gives you the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your mobile phone or computer device. Kwaai Boutique was established to provide fashionistas with the latest trends and looks from the world’s runways right into your closet. We offer a range of fashion products from bags, shoes, accessories, clothing, and vinyl records. Before you enjoy our shopping experience, here are some tips to remember:

  1. Make sure you do some research to check if the site is legit, check social media pages, etc.

  2. Make sure the website is secure. A secure checkout badge should show before you finish your payment.

  3. Read the store’s privacy policy as well as the shipping and delivery policy

  4. Don’t shop using public Wi-Fi, your standard Wi-Fi will be more secure

  5. Check images of the products to make sure they look legit.

  6. Email the online store and check their customer response.

  7. Read the online store’s return policy.

  8. Look for special promo codes for sales and discounts.

  9. Sign up for a newsletter from the online shop to get news on the latest products.

  10. Be patient in waiting for your delivery but make sure you have a tracking number for your parcel.

    It goes without saying that you must still be alert when shopping online as you would in any other context. Make sure you update your virus software and that your device is protected and secure.

    We assure our customers that our website is safe and your information is secure. Read our privacy policy here.

    For more tips, watch the video below:



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